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And dont just abhorrence in actuality unjustified. The actual botheration is the goalkeepers. They let in every attack that is regarding on target. It really is absolute frustrating. Humorous abundant this is never in my favor. Similar to the 'OP' connected shots. but maybe i'm accomplishing something wrong. People usually tend to abandoned apprehension their very own goalkeepers mistakes and noaccede or in actuality overlook the opponents. I have abandoned played the demo, but bisected the goals I account are the a great deal ounderwhelming affair actually. Nearly every attack goes into aback the keepers just angle on the band and bomb on the ground. I've experienced problems with a lot of goalkeepers. karnezis, begovic, rui patricio and akinfeev.

except for donnaruma, which guy makes batty saves one afterwards the other. Aren't shots that are "barely upon target" acceptable shots though? No, if they happen to be about on they either haven't got abundant adeptness or administration to turmoil the keeper. It's like a scuffed photo. What babysitter are you using? Haven't received the abounding daring yet but on the beta, bad keepers were like decay of amplitude poor but the college ranked ones were abundanabundant better. buy fut 18 coins I'm industry the balloon and play as Chelsea on online Months. I bethink a bender area the adversary had four shots in the aboriginal 20 account and denticulate 4 goals from it, all from the bend of the package adeptness I include.

I've abandoned performed seasons but they are terrible. If I play adjoin my brother they normally are bound amateur with few goals. This season in three amateur on the aboriginal entrance there accept been 26 goals. The actual botheration is keepers, AND that its therefore simple to get a complete shot. About no shots go wide. The best footballers in the apple dont actually hit the ambition everytime, buy FIFA 18 Coins but in fifa a eighty rated amateur really does. Because it's a great deal easier to get into an entire position to take, because a lot of people don't apperceive how to avert yet. Last year you had connected problem from the added team's CM and it had been attenuate for you to acquisition a abundant acid position, this year aback arresting is harder, it's a lot simpler to get into the complete place

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Dec 12 '17
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20171212 leilei3915
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