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Il est l’une des personnalités les plus Fifa 18 Comfort Trade coins emblématiques de la scène FIFA française, Brak2K vous fait découvrir l’ensemble des modes et menus de TIMORE 18.

On ne présente plus Mahmoud ‘Brak2K’ Gassama, c’est à l’origine l’un des pionniers de l’e-sport PES the top FIFA en France. Toujours aux côtés hun son acolyte Bruce ‘Spank’ Grannec, il a monté les échelons un à un pour rapidement devenir commentateur een compétitions prestigieuses comme l’ESWC.

Maintenant que l’e-sport FIFA explose dans le monde entier, Brak2K a encore passé un pallier et nous avons pu le voir animer l’émission régulière consacrée à l’Orange eLigue 1 sur Bein Sports, toujours en compagnie de Bruce.

Ces dernières semaines ce a bien entendu été invité par EA Sports à l’ensemble des événements dédiés à la sortie prochaine fuente FIFA 18. C’est lors de l’un deux qu’il a décidé de nous montrer en vidéo l’ensemble des menus du jeu, le tout en mois dom 15 minutes.

Nous voyageons donc de FUT aux campagnes solo. La première impression qui s’en dégage c’est que cette année encore, vous ne serez pas dépaysés tant les changements apportés aux menus fifa ultimate Team 18 coins sont minimes. Seul the mode FUT voit apparaître quelques nouveautés visibles.

Pour juger le degré fitness renouveau de PAURA 18 par rapport à ses prédécesseurs, c’est plutôt au niveau i gameplay et des fonctionnalités que cela va se juger. Il faudra donc attendre la sortie officielle le 29 septembre prochain afin de bien votre prendre en main.

En attendant, vous pouvez retrouver los angeles vidéo complète sobre Brak2K vous présentant l’ensemble des menus de FIFA 18 en moins via 15 minutes ci-dessous.


Here is everything we know concerning cheap fut 18 coins Ones to Watch control cards in FIFA 18:

Ones to Watch are merely in packs to get a limited time instant From launch day time on September 29th to October 9th. From then on, they'll just be available on the exchange market, meaning that they will function, primarily, as a possible investment card regarding fantasy-football style gamble on the market.

Ones to Watch increase according to the newest in-form version with the card - Therefore , if Neymar boosts from 92 to be able to 94, then he becomes a 94-rated chip. If he's better yet in a later Workforce of the Week and also gets an 92, then his Varieties to Watch card may rise to 89 too.

Ones to view can't decrease in standing - Once they boost, that's the minimum report the card will have through-out the season. It only adjustments if there's one more, higher-rated in-form master card released down the line. Better yet!

Ones to Watch can be purchased in any FUT audio device pack - This means any free provides, purchased packs, as well as gifts could have any Ones to Watch guru inside, so long as those features some player cards itself.

Products to Watch ratings are usually fifa ultimate Team 18 coins updated immediately tutorial As soon as the new Party of the Week or simply other in-form card is available, the Ones to look at card will increase.

Whilst they're accessible in packs, Ones to observe will replace virtually any standard versions of your card. So you aren't pack a Romelu Lukaku that isn't a One to Watch card because first week.


EA SPORTS hat für den FIFA Ultimate fifa ultimate Team 18 coins Team-Modus legendäre Spieler wie Pelé, Lothar Matthäus oder Diego Maradona etabliert. Vorher nur auf der Xbox spielbar, fanden die Icons in TIMORE 18 nun auch erstmals auf der PS4 Einzug. Beide Plattformen sind für den eSport elementar wichtig, aber nicht jeder kann sich die Ikonen leisten. Wir haben bei Schalkes eSportlern 'Tim Latka' und 'Idealz' nachgefragt.

Ikonen sind teuer, viele Spieler können sich pass away Legenden vergangener Tage daher nicht leisten. In den Teams der eSport-Profis eignen die Ikonen dagegen immer am Start - manchmal werden sogar acht von elf Positionen mit den Helden besetzt. Die Ikonen verändern das Metagame, expire Frage ist dabei, ob zum Positiven oder Negativen. Wir haben Lukas 'Idealz' Schmandt und Tim 'Tim Latka' Schwartmann zu diesem Thema befragt. kicker eSport: Legenden in FUT sind durch FIFA 18 nun auch auf nach der PS4 eingetroffen. Wie hat sich das Spiel dadurch verändert?

'Tim Latka': Für mich persönlich hat sich dadurch aber nicht viel verändert, da es die Legenden (Ikonen) auf der gro?e Xbox ja schon seit einiger Zeit gibt.

'Idealz': Ich finde, dass Ikonen eine coole Idee sind. Natürlich heben sie das Spiel an, wenn allerdings ein Spiel auf höchstem Niveau stattfindet und beide Groups mit starken Ikonen besetzt sind, machen sie das Game auch ansehnlicher.

kicker eSport: Aber machen Legenden buy fut 18 coins nicht ebenso irgendwie das Spiel komplett unrealistisch und überpowered?

'Tim Latka': Im Gegenteil. Ich finde es extrem gut, dass wir diese Karten haben, weil es latrin Spiel einfach abwechslungsreicher und die Mannschaften individueller macht. Man darf nicht vergessen, dass die Karten auch dementsprechend kostspielig sind.

'Idealz': Unrealistisch finde ich dieses nicht, sondern sehe es eher als eine Idee an, die ein bisschen Abwechslung rein bringt. kicker eSport: Kommt FIFA nicht genauso ohne Legenden aus?

'Tim Latka': Kommt es, aber wenn man mal perish Community fragt, üben die Legenden einen gewissen Reiz aus und machen das Spiel interessanter. Überhaupt machen die Legenden ja nur einen kleinen Teil des Spiels aus.

'Idealz': FIFA kommt sicherlich auch ohne Legenden aus, allerdings beschränkt sich dann wieder die Möglichkeit, was die Team-Erstellung angeht.

kicker eSport: Wäre es eine Überlegung, zumindest im Wettbewerbsmodus die Legenden wegzulassen?

'Tim Latka': Für den fall, dass gesagt, ich finde, dass die Legenden nur einen kleinen Teil des Spiels ausmachen. Daher würde ich nicht fordern, sie im Wettbewerbsmodus wegzulassen.

'Idealz': Ich würde im Wettbewerbsmodus eher dazu tendieren, Leihspieler wegzulassen. Ikonen kosten im Gegensatz zu Leihspielern gleichfalls Münzen.


With Star Competitions Battlefront 2 emerging fifa ultimate Team 18 coins over the horizon, EA's cross-promotion work is actually fully operational. Very first up, we have the Star Wars set for use in FIFA 18.

The Dolore Squad-inspired kit can be obtained from today, seventh November until 29th November in FIFA Ultimate Team. (All you have to do to get the kits is log in in order to Ultimate Team during this period period. )

The house kit looks a little like Darth Vader's chest. The aside kit looks like some kind of Storm Trooper-inspired style. They're both very snazzy, I think.

The cross-promotion does not end there. Fifa 18 Player Auction coins  EA's put a new melee weapon, the Totokia War Club, in to DICE's other present shooter Battlefield 1 through the Star Conflicts Battlefront 2 special event pack.


The actual cover image features James Rodriguez through Real Madrid, Marcos Reus from Borussia Dortmund, Anthony Martial from Manchester Usa and Eden Risk from Chelsea. The does not feature Lionel Messi and we have a reason for that. EA and Messi apparently are on poor terms as the 5 times World Player of the Year required more from the golf club. EA hated such greed and are searching for someone else to feature in FIFA seventeen. Let’s look at every players individually and you can write about which one you like and the reason is a good experience to join this event. Play the actual Adidas MLS Problem in FIFA sixteen for a chance to compete for the $10, 000 Grand Prize and cheap fifa16 points! Complete 50 fits in this challenge to become eligible for additional prizing! To enter into the actual Tournament, beginning twelve: 00: 01 the. m. EST on June 1, 2016 through 11: fifty nine: 59 p. m.

EST on June 30, 2016 (the “Tournament Period”), the actual LIVE COMPETITIONS mode within FIFA sixteen and register for the actual Tournament, fifa  ultimate Team 18 coins accept the Official Rules and perform a game against some other registered FIFA sixteen players to generate points to be rated on a Leaderboard in the Qualification Round (collectively, the “Entry”). Absolutely no other methods of access will be accepted. To enter into the Sweepstakes, entrants competing in the Tournament, who total 50 games, and they are ranked on the Leaderboard will be automatically inked the Sweepstakes (the “Sweepstakes”). One of the most fascinating times on Gold2hot. com is Fifa16 ps4 point on hot sale with regard to TOTS,

where we provide cheap fifa16 coins on all console and cheap Fifa16 ps4 point account. When TOTS begin, there are some cool applications you don’t wish to miss out on. Players through special blue-colored, in-form items, over 15 different Team from the Season squads will be released, a number of brand new packs. Besides, The greater TOTS tournaments you win, the bigger and better the prizes you get! New season associated with EA SPORTS FIFA have lunched worldwide, we cannot await fans to get their own hands on the beautiful game with inexpensive fifa16 coins. Whether or not you are new to fifa game or not really, you need to build a great team to enjoy the game, that is why you need to purchase fifa16 coins on gold2hot. If you had been lucky to get asked to join the career mode beta, you can download it

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Dele Alli truly has the world at his feet.

Since their £5million arrival at Spurs in 2015, Fifa 18 Comfort Trade coins the Milton Keynes Kaka has seen his star rise to becoming one of the most sought-after stars in world football.

His two goals against Real Madrid in the Champions League underlined his credentials as a future world-class star, so where better to track his remarkable increase than his PAURA stats?

Who would have known in 2013 that a young player by the name of Bamidele Alli would only be four years away from lighting up the world?

Having broken through as a 16-year-old at MK Dons, Alli was handed a 54 rated FIFA card, before excelling that season - playing 33 times in the league and scoring six goals.

FIFA 15 - 55 Rating

Alli’s fine form in League One clearly hadn’t registered much with the bods at EA Sports, as Alli was only handed a one point raise for the following season’s game.

To prove he wasn’t just a one-season wonder, he went on to play 44 times in all competitions, scoring 16 and assisting 11 on the way.

FIFA 16 - 67 Rating

Now we’re talking.

Despite Alli’s move to Spurs becoming official in February 2015, fifa ultimate Team 18 coins the boy wonder moved back to MK Dons on loan until the end of the season.

But throughout the following time of year Alli really made himself known to the world.

Part of the Spurs team who pushed Leicester all the way (until the last month of course), Alli picked up so very, very nice cards along the way, including a TOTS 85 rated card.

TIMORE 17 - 80 Rating

Gold, and a card featuring the cheeky Dele grin.

Now an established household name and an integral part of Spurs and England’s XI, Alli saw his or her normal rating hit the 80s for the first time.

Again picking up a 91 card for his TOTS performances and a similar card for picking up the actual Young Player of the Year award, Dele had hit the big time.

FIFA 18 - 84 Ranking

And here we are today.

Dele’s rise through from rags to riches has been nothing short of phenomenal, and even the staunchest Arsenal fan will admit that the Spurs midfielder could be on the cusp of something special.

Let’s just hope he can take some of it into the 2018 World Cup…


Die renommierte deutsche eSport-Organisation cheap fut 18 coins SK Video gaming hat erneut einen FIFA-Spieler unter Vertrag genommen. Ab $nickname ist gerade beim wird der Österreicher Mirza Jahic within den Farben des Teams auflaufen. Mit der Verpflichtung lässt SK Gaming living area eigenen FIFA-Bereich wiederaufleben und will gleichzeitig vom rapiden Wachstum der Szene profitieren.

In den letzten Jahren ruhte der gro?e Ball bei SK Gaming. Spieler für den fall, dass Joshua 'Kr0ne' Begehr, Bruce Grannec vielleicht die Schellhase-Brüder ?hneln zwar noch a great glorreiche Tage kklk FIFA-eSports bei ein deutschen Organisation. Zuletzt lag der Hauptaugenmerk aber auf anderen Spielen. Erst im or her April des vergangenen Jahres trennte sich SK von Mohammed 'Mo_Aubameyang' Harkous und Hasan 'hasoo19' Eker. Nun möchten perish Verantwortlichen die altmodische Tradition hochklassiger FIFA-Spieler fortführen.

Den Grund dafür nannte Geschäftsführer Alexander Müller: "FIFA hat einen sehr großen Stellenwert bei uns. Die Wettbewerbslandschaft in FIFA head wear im letzten Jahr ein enormes Wachstum erfahren. SK Games will nun zum wiederholten mal seinen Platz a der Weltspitze klingende münze machen (umgangssprachlich) und alte Rivalitäten auf dem Freiraum aufleben lassen. inches

Zielsetzung: Weltmeisterschaft!

Dafür hat SK Game playing einen erfahrenen Profi unter Vertrag bestellt. Mirza Jahic wird fünffacher österreichischer Meister und gewann 2014 die Virtuelle Bundesliga. Warum SK Video games sich für family room erfahrenen Profi entschieden hat, erklärt Müller: "Wir sind eher schnell fündig geworden und haben Mirza identifiziert als Zocker, fifa ultimate Team 18 coins als Persönlichkeit, als Person, die sehr viel mit seinen Fans interagiert aber eben auf sehr hohem Niveau FIFA spielt. "

Zuletzt blieben die Erfolge aber aus. Jahic schaffte es aber nicht zur Weltmeisterschaft als auch verpasste auch cease to live FUT Regionals. Auch in nationalen deutschen Wettbewerben war stop functioning Konkurrenz zuletzt stets überlegen. Stattdessen konzentrierte sich der unser 26-Jährige auf seine Arbeit bei bPart Gaming sowie auf YouTube und Twitch.

"Letztes Jahr lief es nicht therefore gut, dieses Jahr reiße ich mir den Arsch auf, damit es funktioniert", ließ Jahic verlauten. Damit spielt der frischgebackene SK Gaming-Profi auf die Weltmeisterschaft an, die emergeny room sich als Nutzen gesetzt hat. "Ich möchte wieder angreifen. Ich war noch nie bei ihrer Weltmeisterschaft. Aber dieses Jahr möchte bei den großen Occasions dabei sein und endlich bei von diesen Weltmeisterschaft spielen. very well Dazu soll ihm auch sein angenehmes Team verhelfen.

"Gerade das sportliche Bereich ist mir sehr wichtig. SK Gambling ist international von der größten Vereine der Welt aber nicht nur er or him FIFA-eSport sehr erfolgreich. Es ist die eigenen riesige Ehre anstatt mich, ein Modul des Teams zu sein. "

Wenig Trennung von bPart Gaming

Trotz gorge Engagements bei SK Gaming bleibt Jahic auch bPart Game erhalten: "bPart Playing games ist für mich eine Familie geworden. Da gehe ich auf keinen Drop weg. " Bei Projekten wie nach der Academy und hierdurch der Förderung von jungen Talenten möchte Jahic weiterhin behilflich sein und das Group unterstützen.

Eine erste Chance, um instant messaging neuen Trikot allzu glänzen, bekommt Jahic bereits diese Woche. Bei der Offline-Qualifikation für den ESWC in Paris sollte der neue SK Gaming-Profi zeigen had been er auf unserem Kasten hat.

Der anwendung einer 3: 0-Sieg im ersten Game, war für Jahic im Halbfinale der gro?e Qualifikation Schluss. Durch 2: 3 der anwendung Verlängerung unterlag ein Österreicher in seiner zweite Begegnung als auch ist damit ausgeschieden.


EA Sports has done all it can to Fifa 18 Comfort Trade coins make FIFA 18 the most realistic football game ever.

While it’s easy to focus on the lifelike player models and (relatively) slick gameplay, there’s one authentic addition that risks being overlooked by gamers - and it could make all the difference.

Pitch size.

Every single pitch in the game features different dimensions, which will affect how players perform.

For one, if a pitch is wider, then wingers will have more space to attack down the flanks. If a pitch is more narrow, they’re less likely to get the runaround.


The same goes for stamina.

Having a larger area to cover means that gamers will get tired more easily - another aspect that’s likely ignored by gamers when going into a match.

If you’re lacking pace on the wings or have a team lacking stamina, try to play games at Stoke’s bet365 Stadium.

It’s the actual narrowest pitch in the game measuring just 100 x 64 metres.


If you’re confident with your wide men, fifa ultimate Team 18 coins opt for the Santiago Bernabeu, which at 107 x 72m, is the widest pitch hanging around.

Annoyingly, FIAF 18’s new stadium dimensions can’t be found anywhere - yet. Still, for all the others click here



Cost: 599, 000

Video games: 7

Goals: four

Assists: 1

From this article you can see, there was Fifa 18 Comfort Trade coins a clear champion in the battle between Father and the Boy (the Holy Nature wasn't around with this part, so we will not be ranking him).

A few take a closer take a look at how they compared throughout game.

Pace: Justin has just the one much more acceleration over his / her father, and yet having been much, much faster with game. I chalking it up to his particular agility and equilibrium, but I also believe it's just a element of the player entire body types. Justin features a much leaner as well as lankier build around game than Ike, which may contribute to this specific.

Verdict: Kluivert (J) >  Kluivert (P)

Shooting: This really is one where the cards stats are misleading -- Justin offers far less positioning, yet manages to match her father's 86-shooting ranking through a combination of 88 volleys and eighty six penalties. I found each their shooting statistics to be equally great -- the completing is the same to both the cards, and the photo power and lengthy shots very strong too. However , I discovered it easier to discover space with Justin, and therefore he had more scoring jobs.

Verdict: Kluivert (J) = Kluivert (P)

Passing: Another one in which the son absolutely broke his old man. Both these styles them have terrible long passing, the two are solid at close up range, but Justin's crossing was amazing. I even turned Kluivert and Kluivert in game to provide Papa Kluivert an opportunity to show cheap fut 18 coins off his bridging, but he's no place close to his boy. Justin's vision had been also incredible, permitting him to titled ping perfect passes previous passive defenses.

Consensus: Kluivert (J) >  Kluivert (P)

Dribbling: Yet another triumph for the kid. Dad Kluivert feels therefore stiff in-game, because of his low(er) harmony and agility, whilst Kid Kluivert simply glides across the presentation. I found their ball-control to be very similar, together with Justin just trimming it in the dribbling a basketball department. But the flexibility and balance increase that Kid T has puts your pet a level above this old man.

Verdict: Kluivert (J) >  Kluivert (P)

Actual physical: Yup, you suspected it - what ever Dad can do, this kind of kid can do it far better. He lasts lengthier out on the field, great marginally lower power is more than made up for together with his much better aggression. The one thing Patrick can do a great deal better is jumping, nevertheless that didn't assist him out a lot of here, since Justin already has the eighty jumping stat.

Decision: Kluivert (J) >  Kluivert (P)


As you can see, Kluivert >  Kluivert. It's not even shut, in my opinion -- Kluivert wipes the floor using Kluivert. Keep in mind that Kluivert's boost is only short-term, so you should get to attempting him out once you can.

As for the some other Kluivert, he's a good card. But is actually he worth 600k? Absolutely not. The lack of sleeplessness and balance (probably due to his superior age) really allow this card straight down, and are singlehandedly the key reason why his son's raised crushes him in-game ui.

Try out Justin Kluivert while you can -- I loved utilizing the card, and I am looking forward to other times later on when he gets enhanced to his frightening best.


I'll be examining the 92-rated Perfect Icon  Fifa 18 Comfort Trade coins Alessandro Delle condizioni Piero.

This credit card is available through their Prime Icon SBC (untradeable) as well as in packages (tradeable). Last week, combined with the main SBC, APP dropped a loan SBC, allowing you to pick the dog up for 20 video games (this review will be on the loan credit -- I'm not really locking in over the million coins with an untradeable card this particular early in FUT 18).


We used Del Piero in a variety of squads, and played in both the exact ST and CAMERA positions. Personally, I discovered him to be best in the ST place.

Here are my statistics with Del Piero:

Games: 10

Objectives: 15

Assists: six


Pace: 8/10

Not the quickest, and it definitely displays in game. Therefore, he's by no means slower -- he's obtained good acceleration, permitting him to get away via defenders who are attempting to contain him. But don't expect him or her to tear via defenses with ease -- most CBs will keep up with him (especially if they have the point or shadow biochemistry styles), and fullbacks don't have too much problems stopping him.

Capturing: 10/10

Sublime. The actual five-star weak feet makes him among the best shooters in the game, simply because he can do it along with either foot by any angle. Within the box, he's because clinical as it will get. Outside the box, anything inside 30 yards is usually fair game, as well as from further away he will test the very keeper. Try any type of shot -- lower driven, finesse, nick, power -- he could score.

Passing: 10/10

Absolutely no issues. Inch-perfect short cheap fut 18 coins and lengthy passing, and good on the cross too. I really liked the main weak foot in this article, as it means that he is able to make a pass regardless of what way he is dealing with, and he's difficult to read and stop.

Dribbling a basketball: 8/10

Loved the dribbling, with 1 small issue. Their balance means this individual goes down instantly, even though he's only somewhat off-balance. Besides which, his dribbling is ideal. Ball-control is awesome, dribbling a basketball is the best I've observed this year, and his speed and reactions tend to be insane.

Defending: N/A

Physical: 5/10

Truly lets down the. He's very, really weak, and it actually prevents him out of dominating in this video game. He can't keep his own against any kind of competent defender, also it means that you have to possibly shoot or move the moment you get the actual ball in front of objective. His aggression is definitely pathetic too, which means he never places up a battle. His stamina may be the only positive below, but it can't unnecessary the damage that has been carried out.


Did I love Del Piero? Indeed. Will I be buying or even building him? Definitely not.

For his cost, you can get so many gamers who are far more efficient in-game. The mixture of lower pace, bad balance, and a complete absence of strength genuinely hurt the card. Il Piero is a luxurious player, and one that you need to get only if you actually liked him within real life, or in case a player with this playstyle suits you (in the case, it doesn't).

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