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vitaandreson Dec 3
Periodically, the producers at BioWare will throw players something special of double XP to get a weekend in Star Wars: The Old Republic, or even in the case of last July, three weekends. Over the American Thanksgiving holiday, SWTOR made it happen again, and I decided that I would definitely take full advantage of it gamereasy . Laura Williams, Lee Snyder, and I leveled five characters to level 50 within 18 hours over that weekend, and already, I'm going to show you how we made it happen.

Laura mentioned reading a post about the official forums about two guys who leveled their characters in the July double-XP weekend in 23 hours of gameplay. Being the competitive player that they is, Laura were required to beat that record. When I heard this, I knew I was required to jump up to speed. There were some Republic classes that I hadn't played through yet, and I needed my fourth class buff. When I consented to run back with her over Thanksgiving, Lee joined in, too.

First, the two main major timesinks in leveling inside the expansion. The first is obviously the storyplot. Here your spacebar makes perfect, just keep smacking it unless you reach a solution. There should be enough contextual information about what the choice is, especially when you’ve ran through it before already. If you haven’t played before, you may want to actually pay a certain amount of attention, since your choices do impact the entire story along with your influence grind with some other companions / characters inside the alliance.

The second is trash mobs. In some instances you can’t avoid them, but that doesn’t mean you will need to deal with most of them. If you’re a stealth class, much like the Sith Assassin, then you can definitely easily just stealth past everything. The XP they furnish isn’t linked to getting you to 65. On a character I skipped just as much trash as I could, only fighting bosses and required encounters (if it spawns something to directly attack you). I spent the entire content of the period in stealth, nevertheless reached level 65 inside the middle of the ninth chapter.

Due that we’re only building green level what you should get your Armormech nearly 400 you won’t need any Underworld Trading metals, but due that Medium and Heavy armor requires different quantities of metals to make you will want to have an assortment of everything. As a general guide you’re should retain around 80 of the metal and compound. Medium level armor generally require more compounds while Heavy will require more metals at level 120 and 220 of Armormech you’re want to a stack of 120 level 2 and level 4 metals or compounds, according to your armor preference at https://www.gamereasy.com/Buy-Maplestory-2.html . I’ll detail specifics afterwards, but here’s your manages.