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vitaandreson Dec 21 '18
You might think it’s a grind to arrive at level 65 in Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Knights from the Fallen Empire, but it’s actually quite quick to powerlevel through when you’re commited to some things: not caring in regards to the story and playing a character with stealth. These two key components may have you through the tale missions in hardly any time swtor credits , without a penny but an escape here or there to address a boss enemy.

I don’t believe you will find there's faster method to hit level 65 rather than grind the chapter missions. At the completion in the eight chapter, and handing over a search for an alliance NPC, I hit level 65 after about ten hours of solid playtime. You can decrease that dramatically should you follow these easy tips.

Getting companions to max influence using your primary character -- while they also reach level 50 -- just isn't as difficult as it could seem. There is one primary approach to go about leveling and unfortunately it won't merit the idea of "fast" without some credits. Giving gifts, or gifting, your significant other is the main approach to max them out because you complete the leading story arcs and even after level 50. Another way, albeit secondary for most players, would be to have your companions agree together with your actions while completing the storyplot line.

I’m not dealing with saving our planet here. Although it could possibly be tempting to reverse engineer everything to understand a schematic, the volume of credits you’ll spend to obtain what you want will more than likely leave you broke. You should sell your things to a vendor to recoup your spent credits, or if the metals are worth greater than the item, then reverse engineer them and sell the metals for the GTN. The game is balanced for ones gear to get slightly lower level well then, your, and to become green. Blue gear might last you an extra 2-3 levels, and purple can last you an extra 4-5 levels swtor . Do Heroic missions and Flashpoints and you also won’t even have to concern yourself with your own gear. Simply get those crew skill to your max to begin making money so you can invest your profits back into the skill to flesh it without feeling broke at all times.